Hello again, world!

8 years ago I've started blogging, not regularly or frequent or anything, but still.. Back then I opted for WordPress, it was fast to set up and I didn't know yet if I even liked blogging at all. Actually I only started because I had that server & domain anyway and wanted to throw something on the web server, not because I wanted to get into blogging...

I've wanted to switch to something static as well as start writing in English for years, but never got around to. So today is the day, yay! There are quite a few static blog engines out there to choose from, I took Pelican. Important for me were:

  • Static
  • Markdown or reStructuredText support
  • Content as flat files so I can write posts in vim
  • Git repo for content, theme and stuff
  • Easy templating - I don't like web design stuff (as you probably can see), so I want to do as little of that as possible
  • Optional dynamic commenting system
  • Atom or RSS feed

I may add some commenting system later though, unfortunately this means that the site won't be totally static anymore since it needs to store and read these comments somewhere. I don't want to use any third party system such as Disqus so there's no way around that, oh well.

Kay, technical stuff done. So this blog will be about nerdy things in general, a place where I can document projects I do and stuff like that. Definitely more technical oriented than my old German blog. The old WordPress based one is still online by the way, but I'll take it down (or export to something static) eventually.

Well then, hope I can fill this place with some life!